Age and Creation

A practice journal of creative experience and aging

Featured Artist: Kathy Smith

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Kathy Smith is a professional musician, artist, and facilitator who currently specializes in education and community development with older adults.

Introducing Seniors Art Link

The Seniors Art Link logo, showing a brush, scissors, and pencil as white icons on a blue background with the project title below

Introducing Seniors Art Link Maggie, Kathy, and Suad β€” direct[message Community Consultants team β€” October 2023 As community consultants of the direct[message] project we spent a lot of time over the years explaining to older adults like ourselves what the project was about. People were pretty quick to get excited about the idea, once they […]

Arts Experience and Needs Survey

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Arts Experience and Needs Survey direct[message] Research Team β€” October 2023 We had conversations with 30 older adults in three Ontario communities to understand their experience of arts and crafts, their preferences and goals around “artistic engagement”, and how their lives and social locations influence their interest in and the accessibility of the arts. If […]

Ask Your Seniors: a practical primer on accessible community research tools

A photo showing the hands of two older adults working together on a quilting project

Ask Your Seniors: A practical primer on accessible community research tools Simon Lebrun In Where are the seniors? Colina Maxwell explains why a community-based artist- run centre needed to reach out to a specific group in the community to meet its goal of being an accessible and vibrant community arts space. In Arts Experience and […]

Where are the seniors?

We want you to go out into the community and ask the older adults there what they think of contemporary art and artistic engagement and what they want and need.

A Practice Journal for Creative Aging

An older adult's hands are seen as he carves a block of wood. A camera is capturing his work and displaying it on a laptop screen.

We introduce Age and Creation as a practice journal, in contrast with an academic journal or a trade magazine, because it’s what we sought for ourselves over five years of lit review, iteration, and knowledge mobilization.